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Is the more expensive the stationery is the better stationery?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-12-29


          The more expensive the stationery is the better stationery?The answer is no.In recent years, with the development of the students stationery,more and more personal stationery,and creative stationery emerge in the markets.Visit the market, it is easy to see, those stationery products which are in novel design, and fashionable modelling get the favour of the students.And these exquisite stationery is expensive naturally.



          The more unique the stationery product is,the more expensive they are.In fact, we all know, as a kind of learning stationery, it is enough that if the stationery products meet the use requirements.But market competition is intensifying,so that  many stationery enterprises constantly us various stunt on stationery.Tendency of students stationery towards toy,in the next few years,renovation of student stationery will more and more.


           In addition to product modeling design,some imported stationery are also in the high price, foreign brands get into the domestic stationery market,so that give the consumers more choice.However,those brad stationery not have a good price all, in addition to the brand effect, import customs charges, these expensive overseas manufacturing expense are all split to the product price, make the product prices higher.


          Visible from the trend in recent years,those stationery products which are in strange shape, with individual character color gradually occupy the traditional stationery market, our price is generally on the high side, but still popular with a lot of primary and middle school students.In the stationery sales season, all kinds of novel creative stationery supply most, and is better than traditional stationery.


           Improvement of living quality, makes people have higher and better pursuit  for the product,so that stubbornly resist high-priced stationery is irrational,but it is not desirable to believe that the idea of high-priced stationery is a good stationery blindly, rational consumption is the most suitable way.


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