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LPS statiofnery analysis the three chang of office supplies in 2013

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-03-27

The haze of industry in 2012 has away,the hot sales of market are inject the cardiotonic to the 2013 office supplies marekt.In the full of expectation and unknown in 2013,What changes in the market?Is the offic supplies would rebound?Lepsheng stationery thinks that there are three changes in the 2013 stationery market as followes:

The signs of restore in industry

Witer and recovery is the keywords of the industry.From 2010 to 2012,the stationery manufacturers and distributors are look forward to getting warm but not.There is the welcome change since into 2013.The increase demand of writing instruments and the market is very active.The enterprise have entered a new round of stationery purchase,so that there is the quantity purchase in the market.
But there are th number of stationery retailers still feels pessimistic of market.They thought the long time weakness market is not easy to restore.Most of stationery y brand agent also has weaked,the sales channel was disorganized.It is different to restore in next three years.

New promotions and marketing

It is undoubtedly the most effective promotions of the stationery market is the manufacturers promotional in the year of 2012.These invisibility price war make the stationery dealers has took lots of market share in the off season through the promotion.What is the sales promotion and marketing theme in this years?It can't do the simplay copy again,the coustomers have cleaned the promotion of stationery line.It would be expand in the design and efficiency for this years promotion and marketing,it would be more suitable to the change of the social economy.

Popular style and color trend

Just like the fashion,what is the new trend of the stationery in the populare style and color?Lepusheng statinery to make the analysis with the popular index at home and abroad,the elegant,intelligent and deep blue will be the mainsteam of office supplies in this years.And the other color is the natural color  such as the color of cortex and woodiness materialit self.To take the consumers favor through the dull quiet and smooth feeling.

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