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Why do the stationery promotion encounter difficulties

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-05-28


        Gift promotion is commonly seen in stationery market, promotional gift is the free thing that stationery enterprises give, and generally has the following characteristics, one : it can not to be too expensive, because enterprises hope the gift be sent to everryone when doing promotions,so that make more people use them, while they must at the present the logo of the company on each of the gifts, so the volume of a gift cannot be too small.



        Enterprise have a good expectations for every gift promotion, but no matter what kind of promotion gifts, they will meet some customers that " not buy",and also the  hypermarket gift promotion.These consumers may shrugged off gifts , and the sales only sigh when facing with this kind of customers.In fact, from the two sides of things, when customer don't buy the things you promoted ,then it can reflects the fact that sales promotion activity itself or sale' recommending are not persuasive to the consumers.


         Actually, as one of the means of marketing and brand building,gift promotion is a kind of very good marketing tool, there is a lot of famous enterprises make a great effect with gift marketing.To make gift persuasive or appeal to consumers, then you should consider the following issues when choosing gifts :


          One, price positioning of gift 


          Price formulation must under normal circumstances, in accordance with the budget allocation of the audience that are effective, but the effective audience should be slightly bigger than the population estimates.


          Two, according to the preferences of target consumer


          After setting price of specific product , then the vital step is " choosing a gift" ; When choosing a gift ,we should according to brand positioning/audience class/function/products important selling point/social trends/safety factors, of course is the best way to design a unique product (even if just change the appearance).


          Three, follow up the gift production work


          Because now the stationery gift suppliers are small private enterprise, so the production management level , credit level/craft level of enterprise should be to looked at carefully.So it had better have a field inspection and understanding, it also can entrust  some local gift trading company.And make the delivery time be pushed to the front of the activity time so as to avoid the goods time delay.In the current trading environment, the deposit of the exact delivery time also should be controled.Otherwise, there is no bargaining chip.


          Four, distribution way and time arrangement


         For the students stationery,gift distribution forms tend to reduce the distance with the consumers and make the effect of the whole marketing campaign will get twice result with half the effort;In addition, the issue of time generally can be in some important festival related to product.


          Stationery gift marketing is the most effective for some start-up companies, for some mature brand,they should according to other advertising and gift advertising. Finally, the summary, gift marketing is not a simple system that only send gift to the consumers ,you can do it well when take your mind in it .

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