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Lepusheng tell why there are unused eraser

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-08-17


          Eraser, is to use physical principles (not a magic pen) to spin out the handwriting ( not only a pencil word written) off  the surface (apart from the correction tape and correction fluid).It is one of  the most common tools in students stationery, but now there are a lot of kinds of erasers in the market .



          In daily life, you must have such a small question, why is it so fast that the children have to buy a new eraser when you just have bought the eraser?


         Be erode in other stationery products


         In addition to the commonly used rubber, there are commonly used brown eraser for artists, which is made of soft and rough rubber.It's easy to erase the trace of large area,but not break the paper.But this kind of  eraser can not erase the handwriting effectively and accurately.It is important to note that the eraser that students used contain with fragrance.This scent is a kind of volatile oil, if put plastic and rubber together for a long time,the volatile of oil (organic solvent) can dissolve a small amount of plastic, thus the eraser will be erode in other stationery, so this is the reason why the children want to get a new eraser.


          Like fancy eraser

          You will find, on the market today, the student eraser has all sorts of modelling, also contain with the fragrance.A lot of pencil has eraser head, but the students apparently keen to buy a separate eraser.Because the separate eraser, can wipe clean and also has a "beauty", in order to attract the attention of consumers,the stationery were carved in a "art", there are erasers in the modelling of  flowers, insects, small house, and so on.The more "beautiful" ,the more consumers will like it.Collect the interesting eraser became their preferences,even if they are unused, it can be collection in the stock.


         Never use off a whole piece of eraser


         In addition, the eraser as nice and small volume,it is easy to lost.So why they are missing when we play it?Some children will be cut them into a small piece to play a game, or intentionally written a lot of words to erase a certain shape, such as this little game will let eraser disappear soon.So each of the eraser is not  finishly used, but it promote the upgrading of the eraser.


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