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How to change weak sales district for stationery company?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-07-18

There are not one to cover all around in Chinese enterprise whether the top listed companies or small and medium-sized enterprises.It is as well as stationery enteprises management.There are some weak seles district.Why,it is becaused of the weak operation in market.To change the weak area,it need to pay more attention to the sales volume.

Combination products

Product is the mraket root,only to bulid different combination products that to rooting on the market.And bring the market consumers.There are need two type of stationery in the combination product.One is the best sell or potential stationery supplies and the other one is the stationery which can improve the brand image and the influence.To get the good reputation in market.
Besides the rapid development of Lepusheng company,there are some new proudcts be launched monthly.New stationery are be attention by the customres with its professional,elaborate design.

Follow the  principle of market

We should  to find out the same weak  point and to pay more attention to do well than competitors.It is mead that we should try to do the good sell in the weakness market than competitior.
Therefore, the weak area should be strengthened.It is not about how to improve the weak market but in how to attack competitors' weaknesses.

Shorten the distance of marketing

Marketing need to shorten two distance:one is the physical distance between products and consumers,and the other distance is the psychological distance between stationery products and consumers.This is the acceptance level between product value and consumer's demand.

To shorten the distance,it is needs the product planning,design and manufacturer conditions.It also need  drived by all.Sales is the hard truth, as long as to do the hard work to sell stationery then to get the market share in weak marekt.

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