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The good stationery brand save time of distributor

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-04-15

Under the cold market,there are still have some distributor keep the sales,even expand the the store.Those distributor which welcomed by market have the following characteristics:its agent products has the unique personality,and the reasonable marketing and proudct profit.And it can keep the distributor to expand the new sales channels.

Under the weak business,some businessmen will choose the another brand or to find some different product.How to choose a new brand?It is needs to combin the actual market.Lepusheng stationery (www.lepusheng.com) has some suggestions as following:

Unique product

Sales basis for product,it is the first of all to choose the products.How to find the reasonable product?You can find from the material,appearance, function and quality of products.In material,to look for some can meet the demand of customers or the new functional;And needs the independent design of appearance,constantly updating the new product,avoid too similar with other brand;In function,some humanized design and differentiated product  is worth to pay attention;And to find the enterprise which attention to the quality.Lepusheng stationery are close the above point,as the professional stationery manufacturer,LPS stationery has the strong personality expression.

Workable marketing

It was easy to found that there has a lot of fine appearance and quality product but unknown to public on the Shanhai exhibition.The most important reason is those enterprises have not the marketing concept for the office supplies.Even there are not any promotion department of brand.Stationery distributor if followed the such enterprise,it is diffcult to do well in the sales.Even if businessmen have many years of experience in marketing and willing to investment,but without the support and guidance from factory,it also diffcult in the termianl market.There are the much affected by the brand awareness and the marketing.It is necessary to find some enterprise attention to the marketing and innovation.

Reasonable profit

Product homogeneity competition lead to the profits of enterprises need be shared.It will lead to the fail if have not profit or less profit.Under the low price competition and the low profits,some enterprise to reduct the the quality of the raw material then to reduct the production cost.It is no only to harm the benefit of consumer,but also harm the business.The reasonable profit can lead to the new channel investment and  keep the engouth supply to develop the channel.It is the guarantee for the sustainable development.To gain the reasonable profit need to find the suitable brand and products.

The so-called good brand and famoust brand on the current market are cover all above factors.It is need to take the above to the consider during look for the new brand.Of course,the good brand doesn't mean youcan smoothly sell well.It also need some reputation and the impeccable sales channels in the local market.But the good brand is the frist of all.

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