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Stationery export manufacturers improve then response to the foreign trade

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-05-20

At present, there is deficit situation in China office supplies exports.But the price of the export is lower than the import price. To increase the products added value and improving product technology are the urget need for the stationery strong country.

On the technical,there is the broad room for China stationery processing industry.In addition,there is the same problems in the field of plastic machinery.There is the low processing equipment technology in export stationery production,and the economic added value is low. We should change in the technology of products for China stationery manufacturers.And to improve the quality and added value of products.

On the one hand,the developing of the emerging markets is bring the competitive pressure to the traditional manufacturing.The manufacturing pressure is turn to the emerging market.It is the global trend.In recent years,there is diffcult in labor shortage,the requirement of welfare also make the cost rise.Although some exporting enterprise are  speed up the pace of the transformation,to do the adjustment in the technical,and control the cost of the products,to improve the added value.But anyway,it is not obvious in the same products.

On the other hand, it is decision the industrial competition in position of the global value.Compare with the low-end manufacturing,the new trends of stationery is deserves more attention.The developed industrial countries turn the low-end traditional manufacturing into domestic.It is no so simple as it appear,it  want to make the advanced manufacturing then to gain the high ground in future.

Some European and American developed countries even improve the supply in policy.From the current level,some export manufactures also pay the enough attention to the industry development.The exporting stationery enterprise also need an international perspective to review carefully.The devantage of short time is could represent the future.To remain traditional or to find the own advantage in the future.The enterprise must can find the answer by themselves.

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