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Brand is important to the developmemt of stationery industry

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-01-02

Along with the changing for the consume trend and the industry competition."Brand" has being more and more attention.It also one of improtant basis to identify the product in the terminal mraket.In the implementation of "five-year economic plan" year,it is the key time to built the  "stationery power country".Brand become the core target for the stationery manufacturing industry.

Brand is the necessary condition to the high-end market

Brand always is an improtrant factor for consumer to choice product.But it is appears more important in the such present stationery market.To judge the stationery value and reliablility are depand on the brand value.The renowned brands at home also need a long-term development process.There are the outstanding for them whethere in the product design,quality of stationery or the after serivce and its sustainable development.

Throughout the stationery industry, there is the greater competitiveness to seizes the market.The development strategy should on the advancing with the times,improve the service basic on the fine service.And the common goal is to expand the comprehensive competitiveness of brand.So that in a certain extent,brand is the necessary condition into the high-end market.

Brand is one of  important criteria for shipping

In the heart of the consumer,there are the related notary or supervision of the brand.So that there are the quality guaranteed for the brand.For the high-end consumer groups,high-end stationery brand is as well as iuxury.It is the symbol of quality and identity.

Although there are appeared lots of problem of brand product in the past few years,brand stationery product still be more welcomed by customers as they want to seek more quality guaranteed.

Additionlly,meager profit mode has been the pain for the stationery manufacturers.For the stationery industry,to create a world stationery brand and get rid of the meager profit model.it needs to make the brand builing.

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