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Lepusheng analyze the trend of office stationery wholesale to you

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-04-22


         It is known  that there are more than 3000 enterprises which produce office stationery in our country,and there are 1000 of them have the sales number of about  5 million yuan or above, it is not hard to see that the office stationery enterprise are  most for the small and medium-sized enterprises, in order to adapt to the development of market economy , these enterprises will constantly integrate in competition ,and finally realizes the evolution.





        Trend one: the large market potential, and the increased purchasing power.


        The existing  number of primary school student in our country is about 180 million , and the college students are about 3 million , about 50 million adult students, leaders in  enterprise and public institution are about 34 million It is necessary to improve the quality of national and cultural education due to the development of the society ,and also increase the  investment of education ,the industry of  office stationery has a very broad consumer market. So this is main reason why so many  stationery export manufacturers start  to explore the way of  domestic market.


        Trend two: foreign capital continuously join in


        However,the development of stationery industry and the increasing demand of domestic office statioenry market also  has attracted more and more foreign companies began to enter the Chinese market.For example, the United States Office supplies "Office 1",which have a chain of more than 300 multiple shops, has entered the Chinese mainland market, its bridgehead firstly  choose in the east China area - Shanghai.Office1 use the franchise chain operation mode,to establish  a large office supplies chain supermarkets in Shanghai.And this specialized management pattern of chain supermarket  is the speciality of  foreign capital .


        Trend three: diversified development of office supplies


        At present, the supplies of  office stationery  appear diversified and  consumption structure become multi-level , and also develop to the high- end product .This is because of the rising  living level  and  the change of  consumers' demand ,with the  attention of the consumers to the brand stationery, more and more stationery manufacturers also began to realize brand appeal  in the crowd.In addition,stationery products also turn to originality and  personalization, this is also a a feature of the consumers of  younger generation .In the mean time , the government procurement start to turn to common behavior , and high value such as copiers, fax machines will soon be incorporated into the scope of government procurement. As a stationery store,and  the specialized market begin to mature, the  influence of the wholesale market is gradually reducing .This will make  the business management of  proprietor and the  the connotation turn to high level and make extension,and those brand products in middle and high level grade will be the   the mainstream of consumption.


         Trend four: e-commerce bring change


         With the development of electronic commerce ,will undoubtedly bring a huge impact on traditional enterprises and so as to the office stationery industry. With the opening network channel, it will split out original and concentrated market .In order to harvest this part of the consumer, how can stationery manufacturers miss the development of the electronic platform .and this can be seen from the  web stores which are opened up by lots of stationery manufacturers ,so  this means e-commerce has been more and more improtant to sstationery manufacturer .


        In domestic office stationery industry at present, there is no any  powerful enterprise, and also does not have to do lateral contact between enterprises.Office stationery dealers and agents are changing from tradesman to itinerant traderin ,the  degree of marketization of  the industry  is very low.In this case, once the foreign brands enter, it is hard to imagine that there is a domestic and current enterprises can withstand the challenge of foreign brands and impact.Therefore, to develop and  rob the professional and retail terminal resources will become the most important means of marketing strategy and market goals of  enterprise in the near future .But this pattern of  retail chain marketing has entered the mature stage in foreign countries, we can see this from marketing characteristics of the enterprises  such as OFFICE1, OK convenience stores !Only got the first step will be win!As the  establishment and gradual development of  professional office stationery retail chain sales model, it will lead the development of the industry into a new phase of growth.


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