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Gen ink pen instead of pen become popular pen

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-03-05

It is difficult to find the pen in the current market for the pen user.Especially,the pen in ordinary price,the quantity of pen also reducation in the big malls and supermarket except the samll stationery shop in street.So why does it happened in th stationery products?

The current selling pen,besides the few varieties,it also has the high prices in the hundreds yuan,ever thousands yuan in the stores,however,it is diffcult to find some pen in the cheap price.Those high price pen has as a gift to sales.It is not only in the nice packing,but also in the excellent workmanship.The high quality pen with gold or diamond are easy be found.In some stationery shop,there is almost none to look for the pen,but for gel ink pen.

It is not difficult to find that the gel ink pen has occupied a half of stationery shop,most of constomers buyed the whole box of gel pen.the data shows that the sales ratio of the pen and gel pink pen is about 7:1.So,why does the gel ink pen so popular?

One, Disparity price

In fact, the gel ink pen is more cheap then pen,its average price is 2.4 yuan per piece in the stationery shop.And the even low in one or two yuan.But the sales price of pen is between in the 8 and 20 yuan.Stationery shopkeeper reaction said that there was the large purchase in past,50pcs packing in a box.because of there was various kinds of pen,it can be purchased in 20 boxes each time and sold out during one or two months.And it can be sold out about 4 and 5 boxes in its peak season.But now,it can't sale out in a half of year.

Two,Smooth writing

The different point between pen and gel ink pen is the smooth writing.Gel ink pen has the smooth writing with lubricity.Because of the lubricant reduce the friction between the ball and body,to make the less friction that get the smooth writing.It is effectively solve the lubricity problem of pen.

Three,Easy to use
There weremany students and parents said that gel ink pen is more easy to use then pen.It need not ink and don't afraid to leak a pieces of painting.Neutral pen are easy to dry and easy for carry.Most of students said that they teachers also encouraged to use gel ink pen.Then to keep the clear writing.

At present, a lot of units are using gel pen in meeting,whether the company meeting or the public forum.It is easy to find there are many gel ink pen be used as recorder pen.LPS gel ink pen also has repeatedly as the specified pen  for some training and meeting.To bring the smooth writing for the registrar.therefor,not matter office worker or the school students are more favour in gel pen.That is why the gel ink pen become the mainstream.

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