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Tangjun had a speech on " business intelligence" in Shantou ,to share the wisdom of interpretation

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-03-05

         There is a speech organized by Shantou Tsunegawa Management Consultants Ltd. which invited  Dr.Tangjun --"the king of workers "and "China's capital first person" , to share  capital operation and business intelligence planning . Lepusheng stationery was chosen to be the  designated pen unit in this auditorium with its high quality of production and R & D design.



         During  this speech ,Tang made it different  from the traditional lecture mode, sometimes humorous, sometimes cited allusions , among quips and laughing, laughter never stop. 1500 of Shantou entrepreneurs and  corporate brokers were present  to listen. The scene was packed even the aisles were filled with people.


         Tang believes that business intelligence is the interpretation.  There are things we have to interpret in all aspects.  Tang told through his personal experience, shared  his business acumen with us. One day in 2003, as the  president of Microsoft China ,Tang was noticed that Bill Gates would visited  China in February. However , the trip coincided with the Chinese New year, in this case it is impossible to invite state leaders to  receive.And from the secretary , he knew that Bill Gates had planned this trip for a year, so it is not easy to change it .How did Tang solve this problem? He can only take a  long-distance telephone call to ask Bill Gates  to change the itinerary, but Bill Gates didn't agree,  Tang explained that he  know Bill's itinerary had arranged a year ago, but still insist on allowing him to change the itinerary, it is because the Chinese New Year is as early as 5,000 years ago on the set as well.  Bill's concession is not for him Tang, but to make concessions to the Chinese traditional culture of 5,000 years.  In this way, Bill Gates agreed to change the itinerary. 
          From this story we can see Tang's wit and the interpretation of the boss' mind.  This is not only a positive teaching to career personnel, but also an incentive for the development of  stationery industry.It is quite important to interpret consumers' minds correctly in the development of stationery .Especially due to the changing concept of consumers for cultural goods, the stationery manufacturers can only  see through the appearance to perceive the essence  to truly understand the true thoughts of consumers, thus to design and  produce more competitive stationery products
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