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How do brand stationeries use premiums marketing cleverly

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-03-09

        Gift stationery marketing is the most common sales promotion during  saling stationery .Giving  a gift is not the end of a sale to the old customers , but the beginning of a new customer marketing.So, we should think much more about it when giving a gift . Through the gift of differentiation strategy can  explore more of the "repeat" or get  the reputation of consumers.

        Because the gift of  office stationery is not so expensive , if they  (discount) failed to impress the hearts of customers in a short time, then they will not spend money to buy the main  product.Due to the stationery market's promotional items are mostly consistent , those who have new  and creative stationery features are easier to attract the attention of customers.  For example, we should do efforts on the cost of the gift packaging . However , many stationery companies focus on product packaging and products'  terminal display , but rarely work on the promotional product packaging. As we know , a good packaging can highlight the value of promotional products,  and even can improve their values . If we do this well, it can  greatly increased the terminal sales force and  play a role to establish a brand image and increase sales volume.

         For gifts, if money was plentiful, and they are relatively high value products, we should choose the gift that are  technological and mini beautifully. Such gifts are  usually present to the  important customers, so the  choice of gift must be commensurate with their standard of living, otherwise if the product is relatively rough and  present  to a  customer with a very high level of consumption , maybe  he will not take it  home. There is a another way ,we can present  the same grade product which the consummers have never used for instead ,so that  consumers can once again recognize the new products of a  brand during use it  and also can increase the  buying opportunities.

         In addition, methods and techniques of lagniappe are  also very important.  If it is distributed way, we should  show  the recipients the product's features or fancy features,so that  it will not only be able to attract most of the onlookers staff, but also can  have profound effect on the visual and  reaction of the recipients . It is also very important to note the frequency of stationery gift promotion ,if doing too much will make people think that it  is selling the product at lower prices, and dealers will form a habit  of  "promotional price" as usual .Once there is a promotional activities they will  on a large purchase,otherwise will not .Therefore, it is best to switch between different single product.

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