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Analysis the stock of popular students stationery

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-11-28

Popular students stationery always changing as the fashionable element,so that the product management is particularly important.There are many stationery manufacturing enterprises just seek the profit in the account and make the bindly production.Ignore the market report so that caused the  the stationery inventory.As the time goes,the popular style stationery products in the continuous depreciationAnd at present what is problem in the stationery inventory and how to solve?


There are the reason why caused popular students stationery inventory :


1.Lack of marketing judgment in future.And couldn't make timely response for the changing of market environment without enough information,prepare technology for the production,competition situation and the change of channels.Some stationery enterprises are production in large quantity and without enough statistical basis in the first production.And depend on the feeing.How many store will be open next year?What is the company's targe for the sale?It always has a big difference in the reality.So that it offten caused the scrambling for goods or stationery inventory.


2.Without engouh attention to the quality contron in the pursuit of production amount.Lack of  technical department and could't deal with the problem immediately,for which have been in the processing.


3.The ability of purchasing and the management are not enough.Results in the shipment can't catch the sales season.This is the worst possible,but it often happen.


4.Without the products planning in design always caused the disproportionality in the stationery design and the imbalance in the color.There are lots of stationeries look beatiful but imbalance in the stationery wholesale market or stationery shop.Results in the decrease of the buying and the low in the sale.


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