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Double-sided glue tape in correction tape style

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-08-21


          Double sided glue tape can paste paper, cardboard, etc.Commonly used in sealed envelopes,book of tender,student manual, mounting, etc.In student's craft class, the tape has gradually replaced the traditional glue as the "main" in handicraft class.Tape is easy to use, don't have to wait for liquid glue to dry, and also don't need to get the hands glue, it is very important for the modern people who are pursuiting of quick and convenient .Lepusheng think this is the major cause that double-sided glue tape gradually becomes the mainstream of the market.



          As one of the double-sided tape,glue tape become the " treasure" for the students in craft lesson, but the traditional double-sided tape need to tear off the  adhesive paper, sometimes it may be down easily, but sometimes it can make you took pains but finally failed.Double sided tape is in a reel, you tear as much as you need, but there are difficulties when somtimes tear off it.Because of these "inconvenient", double-sided glue tape in correction tape style just arises at the historic moment.


           Double-sided glue tape in correction tape style combines the advantages of the correction tape, like use a correction tape, as long as gently stroke, big gear can drive the pinion rotating, and the layer will appear on where you want to paste, and you also don't be afraid to stick to other places, convenient,quick and easy to use.



           Scroll type double-sided glue tape arises at the historic moment will bring the more convenient for consumers, and at the same time,we can say that double side glue tape in correction tape style is an upgrade of traditional double-sided tape.Excellence is the development goal of the current stationery manufacturers, to solve consumer demand,and give customers convenient,it is also a driving force for the development of the stationery.


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