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Lepusheng stationery analyses the new rule of the network age

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-02-11

With the rapid developing of the Internet,the online shopping changing the previous purchasing mode.There are more and more people choose the products through the Internet.In the stationery brand construction,Internet is the promote media which should not be neglected.Now,the Internet stared to enter the mobile phone.It means that everone is television,microphone and the network spokesman.Under the such market,stationery enterprise facing the changing brand construction environment.One is the customers become a solid whole,you can find each other easily as long as need.On the other hand,society has been to a transparent operation age.In the such new era,transparency and integrity have became the values which the enterprise have to do.In the such new values era,the customers have more powerful for the enterprise.

In the such two kind of change,the rules of the stationery brand marketing has been changed,it should be change the brand costruction mode for the enterpsiers.To suit to the new rules for the brand marketing.Lepusheng stationery thinks that the brang marketing shuold within the following rules in the such new age.

One,customer is not only the consumers

The brand marketers must recognize that the brand is the important reference to help the customers choose the porducts under the Internet age.There are too much optional and too little time to sepend for the coustomer.So,the successful brand can help the customers to choose which they real like and meet their demand.And make it remain in the customer's impression.The consumer no longer the consumption symbol.Brand operators should moer honest to the customers.Under the Internet age, the customers always can get more information about enterprise and they also know more abou the communication method.Just like the Twitter, transmission within 140 words.But it also can bring a public relations crisis to the enterprises.This shows that the Internet no only bring the convenient but aslo take the the immediate customers reputation,and it not all good for enterprises.

Two,the key from image to the values

At present,the stationery market has be divided by social network like Twitter.It is the age like "fish find fish and shrimp find shrimp".Under the such market,the oversea customeres can find a Chinese supplier as long as searched in Internet.The can find each other early as long as they have the same value preference or special hobbies.In the era of the mobile phone and network,it is more convenient.The customers hope to buy the related brand's product and services then find the same value and concept.That is why more and more customers eager to know the values behind the enterprise brand.

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