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Small and medium enterprise to seek the speciallization develpment

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-08-28


Once upon a time, there are many stationery enterprises choose to do the diversification development after got a little achievements.But most of them were failed finally.And some of them draw lessons after  through the waves.
Why then?It is very simple,small and medium-sized enterprises can't do the competition with big large enterprises in the main product.They can't get the advantage, set up a comprehensive and good managment system .It also could't to establish a huge sales network and sales service network.Because  the resources of the small and medium-sized enterprises is very limited.
There is only a way to do is to pay great attention to the manufacturer the stationery in profession and delicate.This is the competition advantage between small and medium-sized enterprises and large enterprise.
In this regard,Japan stationery manufacturing are do well .It is our model of learning.Most of Japan enterprise only do one kind of product for many years.They specializing in a  technology and do it well in its  the field of.Such as Tupper and Mitsubishi in Japan in  writing instrument.
In domestic,there are many stationery manufactures also focus on one field of sustainable development such as Lepusheng stationery.Lepusheng stationery is specialing in the production of correction tape and correction pen with more than ten years.It is enjoy a good reputation in the correction supplies.
Small and medium-sized enterprises can gain the following advantage: One is the technology advantage.Two,to gain the efficiency advantage.To improve the equipment efficiency and avoid redundant construction.Three,to establish a simple management system for the production.Thus,small and medium enterprises only to centralize the resource and do the professional specializing that to competition with large stationery enterprises.
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