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Lepusheng view:stationery brand develop basis on quality

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-04-28

There are many stationery in "the quality is the life of enterprise"or "Safety first,quality first".But there is a few office suppliers really can do that.Most of enterprise are mercenary,they don't care the quality as long as can make money.The consumers couldn't  identify the authenticity like experts,a little worse is not relations.

The low threshold of industry make there are appeared a lot of uneven quality stationery product in market.Although there is the quality certification system in the packing,the quality of product is not as well as .Of cource,there are more than 90% of the brand are in the good quality then recognized by consumers.But some of them give up to keep the quality since them become the famous brand.

In fact,brand is basis on the brand.It is the key of quality.The qulity of brand stationery will decide the height and length of brand.As we known,almost of enterprise are fanous from the high quality products.No matter for Lepusheng,Comix,Baile and other stationery brand are all famous from the high quality of brand.Conversely, there are not a famous stationery factoy in the Yiwu or Dongwang.The main reason is they lack of the real attention and recognition.

For the product quality, Mr.Guo,the general manager of Lepusheng stationery Co.,Ltd,he has an experienc,"in the process of enterprise development,we all know the quality is important.but we are not an expert,so we need the guidance and help from the qualitative inspect,and the stationery brand should on that basis of quality."Standardization of quality management,let the Lepushneg has got many kind of quality cetificates such as the ISO9001,State standards stationery quality and the Guangdong famoust trademarks and so on.

Enterprise brand could't separate with the quality,the improvement of the qulaity could't separate the professional guidace.As we known,consumers aren't the expert.But there are the bright eyes in masses,and they can distinguish which factory is good and which one can be trust.

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