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Stationery enterprise need a clear brand strategy in the industry trouble

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-04-12

Although there is the broad consumption market in the stationery.The statioenry industry is in the thouble.China stationery enteprise should rejoice in the such age.The next 10 years still the best time to create the stationer brand.To create brand, the stationery enterprise must to expand in the clearly brand strategy.

There is a few time to attention to the stationery brand.However,there is no a famous national brands,because of there is the locking place in the brand management.So,let's see what is the most common mistake in the brand strategy?

1.Under the diversified traps

It is not wrong in the diversification itself but ignore to the brand growth and lacking the position.There are two reason why most of stationery factorys like to do the diversification in production:one is less risk ,there is looks have more possibility to live in the market.One is lacking the core competition,So the enterprise is easy to the end in the intense competition.In addition,some enterprses have the stong speculative psychology,it is easy to puy the attetion to the other growing industry.The above reasons caused China enterprise intent on diversifying and in the diversified trouble.

2, Addicted to the price war

It is the best way to take the market share through the low price.So,it is one of common way for the stationery businessmen.For the stationery industry which just to finish the primitive accumulation.Price war is a delicious medicine.But it also will cause the capital tension during to take the more market share.And seriously hindered the development of enterprise.

Price war can improve the market share rapidly, and take the large sales in short time.But we should aware:it is one of marketing models ,not a strategy.

3.Lacking content of brand

There are most of domestic enterprise have a wrong aware in the brand:brand is come from the publicity.Brand construction meads to improve the reputation.In fact,popularity is not the brand.A real brand not noly be awared by the peopler,but also based on consumers' brand loyalty.

Many stationery brand with the high reputation but the less loyalty consumers.There is not the good  interaction between brand and product.It is difficult to let the consumer puchase.There are some enterprise to seek the popularity of the brand.It will cuase the unclear position of brand and lacking content.

Stationery industry is getting mature,and the stationery mnaufacturers also face the declining of channel loyalty.It will be fatal if there is still locking the content of brand.

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