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Why do the traditional stationery wholesale market become decadent?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-10-02


          Compared with the lively scene of retail market,at the present moment, the stationery wholesale market become relatively cheerless."Open economy" seems have not much business, in recent years, two of the most thriving new terms don't have double benefit.Stationery wholesale market can be said to be the traditional sales channels, while the stationery wholesale in recent years become decadent,so what prompted this change?



           Large wholesale market was born


           Fierce competition make traditional stationery wholesale market tired and lifeless.Those stationery products which are sold in some traditional stationery wholesale shops are the less known and inferior brand,their business is generally bad.Merchants Chen admits, as markets open, most places began to set up large-scale wholesale markets,the birth of these large scale wholesale market, attracted a dozen goods retailers, they have more convenient in purchasing,the traditional stationery wholesale market is more cold and cheerless.


          Pressure undre the "Barometer" 


          Exhibition organizers, as an indicator of industry economy, is also gives a certain pressure to stationery wholesalers.Development is becoming more and more mature with the development of the industry,the exhibition provides hundreds of well-known domestic stationery brand enterprise with more broaden market platform.Most big stationery brands will no longer take the initiative to find a buyer in the traditional market, brand manufacturers also gradually have cooperation intention with each big stationery chain stores,supermarkets and other retail.As the appearance of more and more stores,professional markets which is mainly on senior brand products, the influence of the traditional wholesale market will gradually weaken.


           The development of e-commerce


           The development of the Internet has brought big effects to the traditional stationery wholesale market.Although compared to retail, wholesalers prefer to visit a market to buy,but eager to quick and save time is the big demand of consumer.So small wholesale prefer to getting online orders in the case of guaranteed,it is fast deal,so that some of customers will reduce to buy in the stationery wholesale market.


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