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Standards of Stationery Industry Should Reinforce And Still Need To Carry Out

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-03-16

        The out-of-order competition makes more and more stationery manufacturers feel the pressure of competition ,and the miscellaneous  stationery market also make consumers fears when buying . In the final analysis, it is caused by the low threshold of stationery industry, but also reflect the implementation of the industry standard is not strong enough. As the saying goes, not a radius of no rules , although stationery industry has decades of development,  there are still many blank area of the improvement of the industry standard.


        No matter  which industry is , once there is a problem of  safety, quality or  other issues, most enterprises will throw out the first reason of  the lack of related standards, so it will make the standards be  a shield, and there is  no fault  in the enterprises.Then, is the high-profile investigation of a trade association or enterprises sponsor the industry association , and promised to fill the standard vacancy, but it still need a or two years or longer .Once the market conditions changed, these standards would be few take care about .Of cause ,maybe be standard come on stage, but often difficult to achieve expected effect .On one hand, for all the  standards or regulations, feasibility must be  the premise, those standards which come out without thinking or those behind the profit  must be difficult to implement.On the other hand, due to the lack of compulsory execution and supervision, these standards will finally become "much cry and little wool.


       For the Industry of cultural goods, the problem of safety and quality  are always particularly valued, because stationery product is a close friend to  children, and it is always the inevitable contact when studying , it is a student stationery which related to children's health , so the parents pay attention to it  very much.This is why more and more parents favour brand stationery, it can guarantee the quality of the products.In addition, because China is the world's stationery exporter, to face with the behavior standards of international market , they will improve the quality of the products with the  standard, especially due to  the increase of technical barriers to trade in the past two years.


       With the development of the industry, the small workshops of "3 without "stationery will exit the market gradually, then is the competition between brand stationery .And the industry standard is will be more and more perfect, the threshold of the stationery industry will be more and more high. So only the improvement of industry can  make more and more consumers be assured the purchase.

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