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Network localization is the key of selling stationery online

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-06-04


          According to the 30th report of the development of Internet network in China, the users of Chinese Internet reached 538 million, Internet penetration rate is 39.9%.And the current Internet users has entered a relatively stable growth phase, the users in developed local residents has reached a higher level.See from the report, it is easy to find with the popularity of the Internet, more and more consumers can purchase products directly from the network, this is the reason why the stationery enterprises stepped into it , with the popularity of Internet, and the change of consumers' buying behavior , network marketing has become a new channel for many stationery manufacturers.Then how to do well in the sales of stationery online ?



          One, precision positioning


          E-commerce platform including B2B, B2C, C2C,  there are many stationery manufacturers achieve online sales nothing more than  these three website positioning .E-commerce marketing is different from the previous marketing, as a new trade mode, what the first to do is choose the right positioning.The development of electronic commerce mode and the classification of customers depend on the platform that your choice.So that stationery manufacturers should combine market research and analysis of the data, than choose the most suitable channel mode of the enterprise system.


          Two, product positioning


          After choosing industry and the platform, the following problems is to choose suitable  products for their own marketing, your group of consumers depends on the product positioning at the same time.Product positioning is very important for office stationery, of course, your choice of industry also determines the range of your products, and then choose your own products and suitable marketing strategy according to the analysis of potential crowd.


          Three, target positioning


          Target groups determines the stand or fall of product marketing, and the choose of marketing strategy, the choice of industry also determines the scope of the target population, at the same time, product positioning determines the scope of the crowd, the  high-end products must be in the face of the high-end crowd, and vice versa.There are two main consumers of stationery products ,one is student groups and the another group is office white-collar worker.In view of the different groups,only stationery manufacturers can create more good stationery products.


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