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How to improve the visitation of stationery online shop

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-09-20


The data show that there is over 260 billion yuan online in 2009.And in the year of 2010,there is over 13.1 billion yuan.The peopler who shopping online have increased over 48.6%.What is the magic online?The price is lower that offline is the biggest advantage,it also can provide the fast shopping.It is very convenient,so that there are more and more people prefer shopping online.
Fashion stationery also selled on many different network platform such as eBay,Taobao and so on.Most of online shopkeeper should pay great attention to iprove the sales of products.So how to improve the visitation of stationery shop?Lepusheng stationery make a key points as follows:
One, A attracting name and slogans 
There is only a few seconds to attract the visitors who come to your shop.The attracting name and slogans are necessary.It can show your special advantage to each visitors.The slogan should be displayed on the first page with special colour and big font.To show your mian product within the 20 words.
Two,guide your visitors to take action
As mentioned earlier, you must have a clear aim,let the visitors know what do you want they do?It may put the goods in the shopping cart, may only a click to the selling stationery pages.For example,make the butter clear with outstanding color if you want vistors put your stationery products into shopping cart.It is necessary to pay more attention to this process and details.
Third,detailed information as soon as possible
The advantage of shopping online is can  check the details slowly online.So that the shopkeeper should show the information and service data online as much as possible.Let the visitor find the answer to every question by themselves.Don't write the wold "pls contact us via MSN or Trademanager", a lot of people don't contact you if you do.
Four,persuasive word
Shoping online, people can't see your face,so that you must show the selling points directly and attract the cousmers as soon as possible.
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