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Stationery brand with design capacit be more popular in the 112th Canton fair

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-11-10

The phase III  with the theme of clothing, shoes, bags, pharmaceuticals & medical , food and native products of 112th Canton Fair was hold on 31th,Oct in Guangzhou pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. How about situation of phase III canton fair in such as lots of traditional labor-intensive industry?

112th canton fair
The 112th Canton fair attracted many businessmen at home and abroad


The guest  was reduced


The abroad purchaser was down by 10.4% compared with the former in the end of the phase II .It isn't the good situation from this "wind vane".With the change of the population, Chinese poplation advantage was decreasing. Since people pay more attention in  the environmental conservation, the high pollution, high heavy chemical industry is unable to cotinue.The Chinese labour intensive industries like stationery manufacturing industry faced with the pressure of transformation.


The order may transfer


As the production cost have gone up and the high change of RMB exchange rate,make the export situation was toughing and the manufacturer also face to a survival situation.We can see many abroad businessman with various matrial everywhere in the exhibition,but most of them was look anxious.


A purchaser from Mexico said that take a round with the fair.It is easy to found that the price was expensive form the domestic stationery manufacturers who have cooperated.Industry analysts say the Chinese labour with four times of Southeast and the price of dometic raw materials is higher than the international.The international shipping prices also up 40%~50%.it caused the stationery products was thirty percent higher than the Southeast Asia.The purchaser play order in Southeast Asia will be much cheaper than China.


stationery manufacture

Leupsheng's booth display various kind of novel design and fashionable stationery.Attracted many businessmen.


The brand with the independent design is popular


Compared with the booth with not well-known brand,the famous brand stationery is quite lively.Especially a few have their own patent design stationery manufacturers.


Lepusheng thinks that the stationery export enterprise want be well known in the international market,should be stengthen self-strength.And product upgrading,continuous innovation and adapt to the international trade standard quickly are the way to the successful.In order to explore the international market,Lpeusheng stationery always pay attention to the development of new products.And have hundreds of appearance patent.The factory also passed the the quality test from Carrefour supermarket.In the decling international market demand,Lepusheng company depend on the innovative design and  quality control system to gain the favor by the  international customers .


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