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Stationery enterprise should be "fast, accurate, malicious" when developing online channels

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-08-23


          As the self-media gradually become mature, more and more stationery enterprises start the operation of network brand promotion.The development of the social platform, let each big stationery enterprises have the change of thinking mode in fragmented time,to strengthen the information communication with the customers,and also give a platform with more potential customers for the enterprise .



         From space, BBS, blogs to the microblog,wechat now, we have to say that social platform has become an indispensable part of people's life, this also set up a channel to communicate with consumers directly for the general stationery manufacturers,The large user groups play and important role in the development  in office stationery industry.If we want to stand out in a homogeneous market,then stationery industry needs to be "fast, accurate, malicious":


          Pre-emptive and "fast"


          No matter which kind of marketing way, the first one who have a try will always be remembered by others.Stationery enterprises should seize opportunity, analysis the advantages of the platform, and to be the first one to attack.To be pre-emptive, of course, it depends on the grasp of the market environment.


          Positioning consumption should be "accurate"


          It should be accurate when positioning cosumption, stationery enterprises should be accurate and comprehensive to posit potential consumers, to make the effective transmission of information to the pepole who are worth excavating , then this information can be referred to as the useful information.Therefore, according to their own positioning of the market to find out the consumer is also a very important step.


          To be "hard‘ to grab information


          "hard" is cut off big piece of the information, and leaving only the essence.A feature of the network is to spread the information in fragmentation, little information is that consumers can happy to accept.The fast pace of life makes a lot of people have no time to read large space of passage, and therefore, stationery company should be able to extract the main information to spread.


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