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Why does the stationery wholesales could't make money?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-06-06

At present,the stationery wholesales are in two side.The large brand is getting bigger and bigger.And there is the not a good development prospect of small brand.Why?Rome was not built in a day.It is cause by the pass wrong.Now,Lepusheng stationery will show you the main reason as follows.

Old model

There are many brand stationery compaies use the sales model in agent.There is not only with many links but also with the poor collaborative supply chain.And it was began exposed the shortcomings since into the intese competitive market.The franchisees turned the single sales into the multi-angle sales.They could't keep up with the manufacturers' management then to make the transformation.If keep the old model in the changing business.It must be destroyed.

Don't seek innovation

Lonely island is synonymous with seclude from the world.It also the franchisees which done the closed buiness.The franchisees should kep good communication with the user.And keep the smooth business.At present,there are many franchisees are focus the time and energy on the sell products and seek the supply from factory.Sell well is mean they in the good management but sell weak is mean the stationery factory in low production and low in brand awarness.In the such situation,manufacturers do everything is for granted, for joining trader, do bad also. Even some franchisees think that they just do the sales for manufacturer.They can change the brand anytime.

Waiting for business

Market environment is changing,which requires the stationery business to keep pace to adjust their managemtnt with the times.To find they customers actively.And make the clear plan then to gain more business.Sales is the ways to seek innovation.There are not market hard to make money but lack of the awareness.The biggest enemy is yourself rather than competitors.Without change,the more opportunity also will be lost by you.So to keep the ways to make money is important.

No matter what you do ,or business or brand.attitude is everything.If you opinionated and lacking innovation.There are only loss in your future.So,to seek a good ways to make money is very important in all walks of life.

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