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Newly stationery in wholesale should consider the change of consumer demand

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-12-09

With the  different change demand for stationery product in stationery market ,and the people living standard rise,The new generation of consumers,to the requirements of stationery products not only fastidious practical, but also pay more and more attention to the product individuation.So that the novel and creative stationery were provided.


Stationery shoper should be pay more attention to the changing consumption conception in stationery wholesale market.It can siad that creative stationery wholesale business is a small part of pioneering.It need to meet the require of conusmers demand in the stationery business,but how to consider the needs of customers in the actual wholesale?


Unique in psychological


In the line of DIY design,the consumer always wolud like to put  their ideas into the personalized products. DIY product showing this trend such as computers, household articles.The consumer is the leader of fashion."Different",it is the key point of fashion. But for fashion followers,"same"is the one of the principal symbols in fashion.Although small,office supplies always the key tool for the office or classroom.So that the stationery manufacturers put more personality and fashion to the creative stationery would be welcomed by the consumers.


Simple and fashion life


As the people living standard rise,to pursuit personality is no longer the privilege of a few people.There is the new demand levels for a new generation of consumers.Products and services is no enough to meed the demand of people.Overall,the customer need more personalized, hommization consumption. Therefore, the customer's demand has risen to the level of "self-actualization".In fact, it also meet the require of emotional needs of some people.And it is not difficult to understand,there are more and more people not longer to require product in fastidious practical,but also needs something creative and fashioable.


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