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Focus on stationery safety: some imported stationery are unqualified

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-11-05


          Stationery products develop maturely,it not only embodies in variable stationery designs,but more important is the quality and safety of the stationery.Despite the current Chinese stationery has had the very big promotion on quality, products are exported to many countries and regions in overseas, there is "3 without"factory in the domestic market. In order to choose the quality of stationery products, many consumer begin to look for the brand stationery, some consumer only look for the import stationery, so do the import stationery is absolutely safe, the answer is no.



           The message pointed out that in the selectiving examination of Import stationery products in tianjin inspection and quarantine bureau recently, we found that 45.5% of imports of stationery in the selectived examination is unqualified products.So that it can be seen from the investigation that all imported stationery is not foolproof, with the development of the mobile end, now there are many stores sold products in wechat and microblog, so this is the most easy channel that let the consumer get unqualified stationery products.Lepusheng recommend you choose formal channels when buying imported student stationery for students, and also should check whether there is a standard Chinese label on the package,don't buy those without Chinese label or with non-clear logo.


          Learned from reports of tianjin inspection and quarantine bureau about the quality and safety of the imported stationery products, meanwhile, to extract from 22 kinds of stationery products that from the United States, Japan, Switzerland, Germany, the Czech republic, Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries and regions.Test results showed that the qualified rate of import stationery is as high as 45.5%.According to China's national standards and related documents, imported student supplies shall be signs and instructions in Chinese, its content should include the product name, product model, the serial number of product standards, age range, warnings, manufacturers, importers, manufacturers name, address and other informations.At the same time, the Chinese label and instructions shall be according to the individual product or minimum sales unit.On the basis of these, consumers can pay attention to the corresponding information to ensure whether the product is qualified.


          Import stationery can attract more primary and middle school students due to the characteristics such as novel design and various functions, but under the beautiful appearance, some hidden safety problems will form a potential harm to the health of children,when facing with the wide variety of imported stationery, it will be very important to understand some common stationery quality problem so that can guard a pass for the child.


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