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Lepusheng,professional stationery manufacturer

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 Guangdong Lepusheng stationery co., Ltd


Guangdong Lepusheng stationery co., Ltd is a professional stationery manufacturer,which dedicated to the research & development, production and sales of top cultural products.For more than 10 years, Lepusheng has been established the profound connotation of the brand,bulider a strong timely characteristics of stationery product with the good quality reputation.

Lepusheng has been dedicated to the R&D and production of cultural goods.It committed to bring the happiness culture for the consumers though each product. There are a broad range of product categories, such as correction tape, correction fluid, gel ink pen,ballpen,oil based pen,pencil leads and glue tape.The stationery has been welcomed at home and abroad.

Correction tape series and correction fluid series from a single kind developed into various so far.It was developed different series according to the different use habits such as color refill,liquid with correction tape,2 in 1 correction fluid.All of them attracted broad consumer favorite.Writing instrument also strictly according to Internationalization production.Using imported raw materials to make the excellent writing instrument.Lepusheng designer take the fully consideration in the color,model and pattern.to combined the fashion, human nature, concept of environmental protection and so on.The unique design and to get the fashion inspiration then to provide the innovative fashionable product  with the novel design.The product craft  has been accredited with the safety certificats in European and American countries such as EN71 PART3 and ASTM F963.To ensure the fine workmanship of each product.

Lepusheng always adhere to the first-class product quality with the its business philosophy of "Create high-quality stationery,enjoying happy culture",Dedicate to providing the excellent office supplies.

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