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Lepusheng analyze the channels and brand of stationery industry for you

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-11-21


          Channel construction, the channel management are the problems which the manufacturers are bound to meet when cooperate with distributorsWith immature channels,manufacturers often have large dealers in terms of channel development.While most of the manufacturing enterprise have diversification of channels, including large supermarkets, department stores,stationery shop, stores, wholesale markets, and the own stores, etc.



           However, the disadvantages of the old distribution pattern sellers make the interests of the manufacturer has not been fully enlarged.The relationship between the manufacturers and sellers to stay in a simple trade relations,lack of a strategic cooperation interaction, the result is that the resources of both parties are not docking, and cannot achieve common brand market.The meaning of the channels change lies in the change from "simple profit relationship" to "strategic partnership". For a long time, stationery manufacturers rely on stationery distributors, wholesalers to sell their products, however,stationery dealers(the retailer) profit is low and the weak brand awareness leads to the products can't be better, also prove that the traditional dealers can never take this task to set manufacturer brand, because their sales concept is to sell best products,so they can't  promote a full range of products and take the brand show for the factory , and manufacturers in order to highlight own brand characteristic, finally achieving high additional profit growth, then they must promote a full range of products, rather than a single product.So this contradiction is unable to solve in a short time.


           In view of the present mainstream categories circulation channels of office supplies, such as stationery shops, shopping malls supermarkets, dealers and large stationery chain, seems they can't take on the task, in contrast, stationery wholesale market, it is obvious that the traditional stationery wholesale market also have bad environment, management, and lack of propaganda, these are not suitable for the rules of competition and firm growth, will eventually face innovation.But so far, no obvious phenomenon tells us, stationery wholesale market in a recession, instead, a lot of stationery manufacturing enterprises have grown up in batch at that time, reality as you can see, stationery wholesale market are changing from large stationery wholesale market to a oversize office stationery retail stores with Chinese characteristics, retail tenants also gradually became the office supplies manufacturer to establish a proprietary flagship store, it will eventually become the place with the battle between manufacturers directly.


           If stationery factory want to build and promote brand,then they should grasp something or to the development of stationery wholesale market.In brand building of the future, it should be popularized in channels.


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