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The problem of product homogeneity of stationery must be figured out

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-07-06


           Currently, competition in stationery industry is intense, it is serious in product homogeneity, a hot sell product often have four or five colors similar model ,and almost the same version in stationery market .As a result,there are increasingly fierce competition in the market,and competition between each enterprise is more and more fierce.



          There a re high degree of homogeneity and imitation in stationery products , it is beyond the category of market competition.It can produce more than ten different trademarks after produce one kind of product for some small businesses, then sold throughout the country.The resulting problem is disorderly price war, fake products and a series of unfair competition, greatly influenced the healthy development of the stationery industry.


           Lack of R&D  and innovation ability is poor


           Lepusheng found that all the enterprises are claiming their technique strength is strong, but those who can form a research and development team, and have the ability of research and development is rare.The majority of small and medium-sized enterprise cost little or no money on manpower and material resources for technology research and development.And the lack of technical innovation, let stationery product homogeneity become serious .


           hype  of innovation concept


           Partial businessman in order to win the market, they often take various unfair means to carry on the differential marketing,conceptualization is a kind of speculation.After some of the research and development enterprise launch new products and  new technology,then many small businesses followed, use product innovation to attract consumer attention.This product is often just the improvement on a little place, but it is not a big breakthrough in the technical level.Conceptual hype, so it again reflects the insufficient of research and development ,innovation ability in the  stationery industry.


            Face with the increasingly fierce competition in the market, each big stationery manufacturer only should be more accurately to find the product positioning, and meet the demands of users group,provide more fresh products experience, to greater attention and raise their user's attraction.

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