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Stationery wants counter attack,products techonlogy is key

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-03-13

Relatively speaking,there is lack of the professional research institutions and regional association and the design agencies.It is behind in the stationery industry no matter in the technology reseach or the design  innovation.

Due to the lack of technology and innovation,there are many stationery enterprise only can make the different in the stationery appearance.It is easy to found that actually there is less of change in the stationoery market .It just changed a litter and belong to the different brand.In termas of core techonlogies,China needs to  apply to the foreign patent technology for the products in the production process.

But in the domestic,stationery industry still can't solve the problem of patent. And the imported stationery once enter China market, stationery manufacturers will begin to copy or become the processing.But most of stationery manufacturers dare not to copying foreign products in big sclas.But the copy behavior also caused a large number of imtate for the stationery product which sell well at home.And it is a big damage for the innovation enterprise under the such  not perfected country.

The OEM stationery production make the enteprise are familiar with th desing and the production process.Under the influence of Japan and South Korea stationery,the student stationery has been the increased.With the improvement of the stationery association,there are appear the China stationery desing competition.Althrough the such competition is only focus on the appearance design with the low pracicality.It is also showing the progress and hard work of stationery industry.

Under the more and more  fierce competition,stationery industry wants developing and successly conunter attack the overseas rivals.To breakthrough in the material and the core techonlogy progress is the healthy development of stationery.

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