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E-commerce has become popular, stationery industry chain facing real test

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-01-02

Throughout the stationery industry, there is less online stationery manufacturer.Most of manufacturers still has sell products in the traditional way.But, nowadays,e-commerce has been increasingly popular.There are more and more consumers buy stationery though the newtework.The profit space of traditional stationery dealer has been squeezed.How does the dealers survive?

In the traditional sales mode,the stationery brand manufacturer transferred the products to the agent immediatetly after production.The agent sold to the dealers.Then the dealers sell to the consumers and received funds.In the process,everone do not want to hold the products in hand.

It will hurt the feeling of conusumers in such sell model.If change this simple chain.The relationship should be reconstruct again,It may caused other different results.Such as make the dealed into the design of the brands link.Take part in the selection committees of stationery product design.Therefore,it will bring the market cofidence to the brand manufacturers,on the other hand,the products will be the one dealers looking for.

Under the rapid development of the e-commerce,the electric business will be one of hot market in the stationery industry,it has a broad market.However,there are needs a way to the do well in Internet.To take advantage of electronic commerce,the industry should improve their service in offline mode and enlarge the service network in the nationwide in same time.

"It is good for industry whether shopping in department store or online".Lepusheng stationery summary and analysis.For the good brand stationery products, consumer is very care about consumption experience.They willing shopping in the store like printer.Most of people pay attention to printer work voice,ever the price of good print voice or a ink clear machine is higer than the ordinary products about 20%~30%.Therefore,even in the such electronic commerce,enterprise shouldn't give up the offline business."Because it is the best way for the brand building".


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