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To read the reason of popular of Japan and Korea stationery

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-10-30

What is the most popular stationery in the market now? May be lots of people will say Japanese and Korean Stationery. That’s true. In the recent years, the trend of Japan and Korea are reflecting the China market, the developing space of student stationery is bigger. More and more students would purchase different creative and colorful Japanese and Korean stationery products. They hope more and more Japanese and Korean stationery can be sold in the market.

To read the trendy of Japan and Korea stationery, it’s to pursue the personality.
Why Japanese and Korean stationery are so popular? The biggest character is the design concept with personality, beautiful and practical, as well as the details. Nowadays the consumption is tending to personality, quality, reasonable price and more choices. LPS is developed by following the trend, Stationery enterprises should be based on the design concept, to supply the creative stationery products for customers, in order to content with their personality needs.

Quality is the basic and Originality is the key point
In China, there are many stationery are with character and good quality, but not popular as well as  Japanese and Korean stationary. The main point is that the originality is not enough.On the contrary ,Japanese and Korean Stationery take more attention on quality ,even if a small part .China stationery company prefer to “copy” the style and few of them could have a standard and strict control on product quality system .

Lepusheng Stationary suggest, the domestic stationary enterprises want to win in the market, we must establish it’s own production system, to standardize the whole production procedure. Based on good quality, add the creative factors, increase the products’ additional value, enrich its intension. In this way, we can have a brilliant development.


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