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China stationery stepped up its innovation and upgrade

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-03-21

As the leading stationery manufacturing country,there are the fierce competition in the China stationery marekt.It created many splendid achievement with the rapid growth.With the growing of the consumer market,stationery industry is flourishing.

There are many stationery design in the current market, The design also has made great breakthough.It is effectively illustrates China stationery is speed up the product upgrades and the transformation.

1.Diversified development ideas

China stationery with more than 20 years rapid development and the stationery manufacturing technology is improve a lot.The common standards of production technology is no longer the problem for enterprise.The enterprise should to improve the products through the difficulty and the technology and developing in the diversification.In the last few years,there were about 2-5 stationery in an enterprise.But ,now,most of enterprise have started to adopt the development strategy of the multi-brand varieties.

2.Product functional expansion

Differentiation is the hardware of the development objuctives.Under the intense competition market,only to seek different  is the direction of the enterprise.Compared to the previous enterprise.There is the new development and breakthrough:various kinds of creative stationery and different style,rich families of stationery products and promote the value of products.
The function improved of stationery and the increase of the techonlogy are not only meet the incresing the demestic demand,it attact the foreign trader,the exporting orders and make the boom of fastener industry.

3.The completing stationery set

 The enterprises can be timely grasp the information at home and abroad due to the wide application of e-commerce and information technology, Besides the network using,the other feature of stationery industry is the compeleting in the related equipment and services.And do the contributed to the stationery development.

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