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Office stationery enterprises shall establish a clear product planning

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-05-16

Take a look to the current office stationery market,there are many stationery brand stationery company are lack of the attention to the product position and planning. Most of stationery proudct only easy to make the position in the high,middle-end or low-end.And never make clear the practical significance of the product planning.

Office stationery enterprises shall establish a clear product planning

So,how to do the product planning?The microcosmic research and market research for consumers may be can give an answer.Enterprise need to make the careful marketing research and the product planning.Do well in the stationery design,producution and the sales.

The consumer who in the middle level are turn the perceptual consumption to the rational consumption. Brand stationery need the reasonable and the innovation position.Simple speaking,enterprise shall provide the low-end,middle-end and high-end solvetion to the different consumers.

In theory, such product position and product planning will affect the enterprise to make the price position.In fact,the growth of enterprise with brand is nothing if without the enough productiont to meed the customers.Most of time,enterprise must to make the choose between extendproducts and reduce operational cost.Then to gain the whole balance in products.Gennerally,to reduce disadvantage factors in the unsales product in the different price are the ways to keep balance.

Therefore, to establish a clear product planning.It is needs to creat the clear products details list.Make clean the which one is the  main products and the image products.And which one can be replace?Have a clear product planning so that there are the practical significance of brand development.

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