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Stationery industry brand competition will continue shocking

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-02-18

Stationery industry brand competition will continue shocking

With the development of social economy, China was became the world stationery production country,the big processing country and exporter.There is th broad market and consumption potential in the China.In the green twelfth five-year plan period,the product with high added value be more popular.Green environmental protection stationery is the new trend for stationery industry.

There are at least 70% of stationery industry is the private enterprises in Chian.They are the main force of China stationery industry.In the International statonery market,with the rapid developing of production and the increase of labor cost.The European and American turn to make the Chian develop the high value-added products.

There are many kinds of stationery with the high quality and reasonable prices.And they has the huge sales network group for many years because of the good reputation.Then to gradually open the domestic market.Some of them have reached or come close the international advanced level, It is effectively break the position of imports stationery products.To made the contribution of China stationery market.

The stationery is labor intensive industry.Since enter into new century,with the development of China stationery manufacturing.The industry insiders predict that China stationery manufacturing will inevitably have big action then to upgrading.Big enterprise appearence is inevitable.It is conform to the market enconomy and the characteristics of the industry development.

We can see some clue in 2012,it will be clear for China statioenry competition.But in 2013,stationery industry brand competition will continue shocking.

In the stationery industry,the brand war is more than 10 years.The marketing strategies has a positive and far-reaching influence for China stationery enterprises production.And the most significant influence is to understand and use the brand marketing.Big brand still occupy the leading position in China.And other stationery brand are in the unclear position.The key of the brand marketing is to seek the different position for the brand.Then to turn the brand value into the trust of customers and the growth point of profit.To take the period of brand and become the top three stationery brand is the most worth considering problem in next 5 years.

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