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Economic of new term make the peripheral stationery products become popular,too

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-09-15


           With the beginning of the new semester,then the sales season of statinery is coming.There are many parents and students go to school to sign up.In the bookstore,sales of all kinds of students stationery has increased to the upper end of a year, electronic products also hitching a ride,and also the cram school become hot in this special period.



           Teaching materials also sell well


           Every year in August and September,it will bring a sales peak to each big stationery shop,and the sales of this two months often occupy 50% of all the year round.It is no doubt that stationery products will have a good sales,and let's take a look at the guidance books, they are all have a good sales because parents always want their children have a good improment in learning.


           Digital product have a good sales


           As the change of the times,apart from the common students stationery or office stationery ,those mobile phone, computer, learning machine and other digital products are also necessary,so that parents will rush to buy learning machine, mobile phones and other digital products.Intelligent electronic products,can be easy to link to the network, students can directly answer online,when they can not do they may query immediately or have a discussion on the Internet.


           Cram schools everywhere


           There comes the new term,then all kinds of training classes is also in admissions.In order to improve the students' academic performance,parents will send their children to attend various training classes, most of the cram school have synchronous class with each grade, homework class,class of sprint, mainly are Chinese, maths, English and other subjects.But the exists of managed class can solve the problem that parents have no time picking up the children.Maybe it is far away from school so that it is inconvenient to go back home at noon,then comes the managed class for this group of children.Parents consider that it is likely to delay the work when go to pick the children, therefor,they will sign up for a managed class to avoid the problem of children have no place to rest or have no time for dinner at noon.


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