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Successful way of stationery business

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-08-02


          It is not easy to operating the stationery shop, the businessman should prepare enough to ensure that business is not blind and discontinued.The necessary skills are also should be learned and practiced.So what should we learn to operate a stationery shop well?Here Lepusheng will give you some tips:



          First, clear positioning


          Maybe you feel strange that how come a stationery shop has a positioning. Actually otherwise, even they are all stationery shops, there also will be different shops positioning.Positioning just like "preparation" before class.Businessmen should do judgment according to their own economic strength, and the local consumption level, the demand of the public, especially in primary and middle school students, office white-collar etc.The more accurate,the more simple when operating the shop later. Different location means different size, and also different degree of risk.


           Be sure of your good location and location services.There is not only one target population, it can also be a lot.For general stationery shop, the two main target consumers is a student group,and the kind of office white-collar.So which one to focus to provide the service depends on the merchant's own positioning.


           Second, principle of choosing supply


           Any business is just buying and selling.Products can be tangible or intangible.Value contained in the products.Exchange between money and products will created a profit.Customers just buy the value of the product.


           We generally choose large stationery wholesale as supply channels, this is not the key, the key is how to manage, how to do a good marketing strategy.To know it doesn't matter to get a few cents or a dime more expensive, the key which decides the success is to see who sells well rather then who got the low price.If you run a few more miles for a few cents, then feel tired of yourself and no spirit to take care of customers, it does not taste.We should pay attention to the nearby principle when choosing supply.Just replenish your stock in the wholesale market nearby, if you need big quantity or need to consider the rich variety of products ,then you can think of the large-scale wholesale market.


            Third, control the risk


            Control the stable cash flow.Don't make blind expansion, after all,the rent, decoration, utilities and other costs of stationery shop are higher than travelling traders and sit stand operation.In addition, pay attention to the fine and slack season, especially the popular trend, only in this way can guarantee the stationery sales.


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