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How to break the deadlock in weak market ?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-11-02


Under the Impact and extrusion of multiple factors, China stationery market have been in the weak marke for a long time. In this process,there are more and more stationery exporters began to realize that many stationery enterprise are face in the pressure from costs,exchange rate,capital levels,technical level and so on.And it is the weakness for small and medium enterprises.But evolution, it is the good thing for stationery market.
In the first half of this years, due to the rising price of raw materials,labor, rent, capital cost.A large number of samll and medium-sized stationery manufacturers have shutting down under such situation.Lacking bargaining in the industry chain,it is hard to transfer the price,and the profits space in compression.Lacking the supply and the under the pressure of rising price.Many brand stationery with the hard stationery business.
Due to the appreciation of the RMB.Many small and medium exporting enterprises is impacted by "exchange".For most of exporting enterprises with low value-added products, low profits.If the  sales revenue in dollars converted into RMB.There is the larger proportion value in RMB.It is hard to profit for student stationery suppliers.
Because of there is the big impact for enterprises as the rising price of raw materials.And the pressure from  the appreciation of the RMB. A lot of OEM stationery manufacturers have to increase the price. 
However, European customers also reduce the quantity of order.So that it is different to increase the price.
At present, many stationery enterprise are facing the problems such as shortage of funds.And he capital is the lifeline of the enterprise.Its shortage will result in not engouh expenses, hard to attract investment, incomplete marketing team an so on.At the same time,the bank credit growth has slowed in this year,the capitalization is harder and harder.
In market economy,when individual labor productivity is greater than the social labor productivity,its profit would be increased.Under the increase current stationery costs ,technology upgrade is the key point for stationery factories to seek profits.Lacking investment of technology,poor creation will make the dealers have no confidence in the product.It is vicious cycle.
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