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Domesitc stationery manufacturers facing market competition

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-05-15

Overall,the current stationery market has been in the good development.There are more than 10000 enterprises and attract many foreign capital investment.Some famous brand also enter into the domestic production line.The advantage of foreign enterprises also bring the competition pressure to the stationery manufacturers at home.

Due to the impact by the cost,the home market is not optimistic like before.The leader or big group have already started to expanded the international market, most of them are pay great attention to the office supplies.But the supply is far less thant the demand in the technical support.and there is the broad market.

The advisers said that the demand of office supplies was appeared in 2010,to promote the market and many enterprise enter the market is bring the big storm to the stationery product line.
This expansion has been common in the stationery industry,but there are litter enterprise do well in the chain integration and horizontal expand.Anyways,the master degree fo the core technology and brand construction are the main reason.

Some stationery manufacturer said that the price of  green environmental protection product is higher than the common student stationery for China consumers.Most of common consumers are still has the low acceptance for green stationery.So that,there are more then 50% of stationery exporting business.And in general,they pay more attention to the low cost stationery products.It is one of part of market compition.It is necessary to establish a brand if want to take the more market share in the such fierce compeition.It also the real for Chinese enterprise.Because of the big share,the brand construction is important.

For the enterprise which do the technology breakthrough,the capital investment is indispensable if want to develop to the high technology.They will lost the market share once behigh in the technology.Only to do well in the technology then to take the market.Of course,as well as the high qulity service and innovative marketing.

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