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Stationery manufacture should to breakthrough the product design to meet market demand

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-07-02

In recent years, the broad market demand make the stationery production in rapidly develop.Stationery enterprise should know that it can't keep up with the production if  there is not a good foundation althouth how wide in the saels channel network.To complete the management,improve the product quality and reduce the production cycle.And the most improtant is to improve the brand construction.

Stationery company needs precision farming

Whether it takes the form of franchise,retail dealers or agents.The domestic stationery brand is very sigle.There are some different in the brand cover and the sales market network.And the foreign brands often takes the form of stores,to established they marketing system and gain the market feacbook early.Lepusheng statonery thinks that to establish a scientific system of marketing network is necessary.

Channel development is one of the important way in marketing.Dealer is the pioneer of the terminal market.But dealer's resources are limited.Enterprise should to choose the dealers carefully which have cretain econmice strength and the understanding of local market.

China stationery need innovation design

The well-know foreign brand always have the professional designer.They ofter make the new product with the new point but keep their style.China stationery always in the production of OEM and follows  the design of foreign and lost themselves style.For long time,it is hard to form their own brand style.
In a sense, to establish the brand is up to whether stationery enterprise have the strategic resources or not.It can say that design also one of part of strategic resources.It is inevitable choice of Chian stationery enterprise through design to pomote the brand.

Stationery enteprise need to segment the market

With the improvement of living standards,and the consumer also getting more and more mature in consumption.Enterprise should make the effectively service and the most profit value.There are the hides demand behind the market,so that enteprise is not doing notin in the market.To effictive gain the market information collection and analysis and respond to the market changes is the necssary word.

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