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Lepusheng stationery outlined the 5 reasons why selling low price in stationery foreign exporting

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-11-26

There is large production and export in stationery industry,but selling in low price.This is the situation of the stationery foreign trade industry what face to.It is also the common situation in the Chinese export products.Why do we selling in a such low price?There are someone think that the quality of stationery what make in China maybe badly.Actually,after years of development, there was improved in the quality of Chinese stationery product and achieved a steady quality level.Otherwise, the foreign trader won't come processing order more.

Although the product quality can meet the customer standards.But there are some uneven in those quality.Some of product qualiy is unstable.At the same time, because the low exporting price.it also  sanctions by the anti-dumping and various harsh export detection index from many countries.

Export stationery in low price,it is helpful to imporve the life of export country,but now it is  suffer from anti-dumping charges.Why don't we improve the product export price?Actually,the stationery manufacturers be afraid to the rising price would make the badly sales and lost the market.In fact.the merchants or reseller is not afraid of low price.

The following outlines from Lepusheng stationery is about why Chinese stationery products exporting in low price.

1.There are lots of domestic stationery manufacturers and the marketing competition is intense.In order to get more resources on the limited export market,to reduce the price than compete with each other.It caused the low exporting price in whole industry.

2. Most of stationery enterprises without brand or lack of well-known brands.It make a few shares in the market,The lack of well-known brands in domestic and the international well-known brand into make the low selling price.

3.Some of enterprise has the low design level.The scale and the quality of design is poor,it caused the low quality stationery product so that into the low-standard market and market the low price in the market.

4.As many yeasr in the line of OEM processing,Chinese market has no the control right in the  terminal market, and also lost the prcing right.

5. Some of contries thinks that there is the low quality product was made in China for long time.It also decide the product in low price.

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