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The marketing dilemma of stationery industry

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-05-04


        With the development of stationery industry ,the fierce competition in stationery market makes the whole environment of stationery into a marketing dilemma.The promotion and low malignant competition is very adverse in the  industry development.So, for small and medium stationery enterprises,which marketing dilemma do they face?



         One, homogeneity of  the management idea


         Homogeneity of the products is self-evident,it  means the differentiation of consumer demand , consumers began to demand that differentiated products, the common of  excellent enterprises is that they are consistently focus on consumer demand, and try their best to meet the demands or even take the initiative to create.And homogeneity of  product will inevitably leads to homogeneity of strategy, while homogeneity of management concept is the main culprit.The key is ,lack of the guidance of the strategic thinking, is the main reason that makes marketing orientatio and the  future development of a enterprise into the unclear orientation.


         Second, the brand influence


         Brand influence refers to expand the market, occupy the market and the ability to make a profit.Enterprise's brand and innovation are the source of brand influence;Brand is the foundation of the brand influence.Brand influence is the comprehensive reflection of the core influence and the extensive influence, is the influence at a higher level of ascension and the most concentrated reflection.The brand habits of consumers are  spending ,the distribution and advertising resources focus on trend of  strong brand media .To realized the brand strategy, brand influence become construction key points.While most of the small and medium-sized enterprises lack of strong brand to pull marketing aggregation effect, resulting in marketing in a passive position.


         Three,the separate marketing tactics


          Marketing tactics refers to the combination or planning that enterprise can determining after market positioning .It can decide how to do after deciding what to do.At present, most of the stationery of small and medium-sized enterprises lack of  global marketing operations, segment marketing process makes the marketing result not obvious.So that they will  frequently provide promotions, or lots of  low-priced sales in no plan.


         Four, lack of execution


         Those enterprises which force on execution will be  popular with customers in the competition,and  achieve the interests of the enterprise, but now a lot of enterprises is still relatively lack of implementation , this is not only lack of execution of the manager, but also the execution of the employees, a lot of stationery enterprises in small and medium-sized are lack of marketing talents and strong marketing team of  executive force , so that marketing can't import channel and terminal.


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