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Stationery design new direction students stationery deductive Chinese charm

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-11-03

Student stationery is one  of learning the partners of  students, its design is always closely linked with personality, fashion popular trend and age belief.With the development of The Times, more and more design elements and new ideas make student stationery constantly renew .


In recent years, stationeries from Japan and South Korea with cartoon and  online game subject are more and more popular in student’s market . In addition to Japan and South Korea, some foreign culture such as Europe and the United States, gothic culture also begins to appear in the market . In addition, some stationery manufacturers launched a lot of stationery products with Chinese traditional culture, such as “types of facial makeup in operas” correction tape , “blue and white porcelain ”fountain pen , “riches and honour birds and peony” bookmarks and etc.


Student stationery with Chinese elements as the design theme not only sell well in the domestic and overseas market. In fact, as the Internet development and the global integration, it is not difficult to see that the Chinese market is effected by western culture and a lot of products are only have western cultural elements.


In the competitive age, design is regarded as the most important part by stationery manufacturers.However, in the lack of China's intellectual property rights, a lot of novel design will soon be copied. That is the reason that no particular chinese brand famously in the global.To improve the competitiveness of enterprises, there is no shortcut, must work hard in the industrial design, so as to enhance China's brand affinity and appeal.


In fact, many western design is very serious about the Chinese culture. China's art culture broad and profound, there are so many useful elements. Unique cultural atmosphere brought us a lot of design element can be used for reference, only constantly  combine these available element, produce cultural products with Chinese charm , through the product transfer our culture and also really make “Made in China" products at the same time.


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