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Developing trend in stationery industry

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-11-28

Where is the Chinese stationery industry?This is a question worth thinking about.Stationery developing so far,as the materials rise in price and the cost increasing in cost,make the exchange rate changeing more and more.Lepusheng stationery thinks that stationery indsutry is one of complete industry in the Chinese light industries.Its characteristics and advantages is certainly and the developing trend in the futuer has the following several:


1.In the following 10 years,the types of stationery products will be getting more and more,the students will not lack of stationery.


2.The future cultural goods is getting more and more intersting,and the classification will be gets more and more refined.And stationery which injected education idea and entertainment concept  has also growth.The enducation idea increasing fast than slowly.the entertainment concept seek the breakthrough and it is play an important role for the market.


3.Domestic stationery market growth space is broad.But,the domestic maket competition is more intense.The performance in the new style stationery products sales cycle getting shorter and shorter,display area getting smaller and smaller and the marketing costs also higher and higher.Sales channel is more and more complicated and the brand more and more.


4, stationery and the combination of the entertainment industry is becoming more and more, stationery industry through technology improvement and integration, response to market faster and faster, there are two or three teams to win fast team become the entertainment company's key partners.


5.Within the 10 years,China stationery share that in the world market  will appearing:reduction in low market,middle market still expansion and the high-end market will be small.


6.In the situation of Euramerican market remained stable or getting falling trend.Chinese cultural goods selling more and more to the South Africa, eastern Europe, South Asia market.


China stationery industry wants to keep development in the world stationery market,It must to keep innovation in the market.In the stationery design and the develop,Should to remain the own idea and innovation.

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