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There are lots of hidden trouble in students stationery,parents should pay attention to it

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-12-19


        Students stationery is indispensable equipment for many students.However ,the hidden trouble in it cannot be ignored.In recent years, with the development of the media, we can learn more hidden danger of stationery with the timely report,it also remind the broad masses of students, parents and other consumers to be careful for the security of use of the stationery products.



         Stationery which will hurt the eyes


         As can be seen from the news reports,cases of eyes are hurt by the small stationery such as ruler, pencil.Among them,it is more common that the pencil hurts the eyes.In fact,the children are active and lively, especially the boys, it can be very easy to be hurt when chasing with others.And pointed stationery is often the most easy to trigger this type of damage.


         Pencil lead is easy to broken,then the cartridge might be stranded in eyes,it is very difficult to deal with.So Lepusheng suggest, parents and teachers should teach children not to play with pens,also do not chasing with some stationery with edges and corners in order to avoid friendly fire,and we should protect our eyes when playing.


        Bright white paper will also hurt the eye


        In the eyes of many parents,the white paper represents clean and high quality.But issued by the state of the general requirements for safety of the student supplies,the brightness of the textbooks, books (white) should be no greater than 85%, in popular culture is not too white.Those notebooks become too bright may be because of adding the overdose of fluorescent agent, while too much fluorescent agent will cause harm to the eye.So, how to choose exercise books?


        In addition to paper whiteness should not be greater than 85%, we also pay attention to the sizing degree and intensity when buying homework.In accordance with the requirements, the paper sizing degree not less than 0.75.When it is too small then it will spread when writing;When it is too large,then it will be slow drying as coated paper,then you close the exercise books after writing, the word would be easy to paste.


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