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Operating Stationery Sales ,How To Sell with "characteristic"?

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2014-04-01


       Stationery business is a cliche topic, for a lot of stationery operators, they have their own management methods and sales skills.Visiting the market, we can easily find that different enterprises and different brands of stationery shop are mostly the same, from the decorating style to management pattern are similar.So, at that time, in this case, stationery outlets which want to  achieve breakthrough on the sales performance, should require some deep thinking and operation way.Stationery operators, in other words, how to stand out, and sell with "characteristic"?



       Why do we say the stationery shop business is important?In the present stationery market, is very extensive that students stationery got many attention of the consumers,and creative stationery,  environmental protection stationery are emerge in endlessly.In this context, stationery outlets also have sprung up around quickly and rushed to attract consumer attention, stationery retail become a main display platform in terminal competition .Therefore, those  have distinguishing feature, and not follow others is very necessary .For the enterprise, the retail stores take image window and sales functions, and the same for dealers.And differentiation, is a marketing help increase sales.


       So, how to show this kind of special to the consumers, and selling a product with the "characteristics" .Lepusheng stationery has several small experience for your reference:


       1. the emphasis on the direct selling of stationery manufacturer , desalting the middlemen


       When visiting outlets, no matter which line or which industry is , those promotion on "factory direct sale" is especially attractive.This is because from the consumers'  mentality, factory direct sale means taking goods directly to manufacturers, this is the most authentic, and also the most reasonable price.And the existence of middlemen, they will feel that the price is not  reliable enough , in order to cater to the consumer psychology, we should highlight the feeling of  factory direct sales on the store layout , and deliberately desalt the trace of the middlemen.At the same time, in order to increase the authenticity, we can appropriately enhance some posters about " production workshop and  the production process" in the shop  .It can stand out in so many stationery dealers, effectively attract consumers' eye.


       2. Emphasis on the characteristics of stationery products


       In order to highlight the characteristics of products, strengthen the characteristics of production process, we can be posted the brand publicity posters on the wall, or scroll to broadcast the product promotion, let consumer  see and feel intuitively. In this way , customer can  have a preliminary concept and cognition to the stationery brands of the shop agent , and build a brand awareness.


      3. Infuse  various of  elements


      In addition to creative stationery, there are many Japan and South Korea stationery with other elements , such as , film and television elements, etc.Today's young people are not only fan of animation but also the fan of south Korean or America , stationery manufacturers should combine students interests, joint the influence of the film and television animation, expand common consumers.


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