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Stationery network marketing- the new sales mode of internet age

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2012-10-26

Network marketing is is an important part of the global electronic commerce as a new marketing mode. With the traditional marketing mode comparison, it has many different features and advantages, stationery industry now is also with the aid of network marketing actively developing, it can be said that the network marketing is spread rapidly.


Because the network has characteristics such as immediate and two-way interaction,the disappearance of the constraints of time and space,Online exchange of information sharing, it is a kind of new marketing mode with integration of the traditional marketing way. But the effect of this kind of characteristics still depends on its influence which would adapt to the evolution law of modern consumer demand characteristics ,that is the return of the individual consumption.


Network marketing is not the savior for enterprise marketing, the enterprise overall marketing also need to integration of other media and means, integrated marketing communications, in order to exert synergy. In the traditional marketing management, none of product, price, place and promotion ,none can be dispensed with, so will the customer demand and stationery sales effectively integrate, fully combined with sales and communication.


In the network age, stationery enterprise products and services to consumers pay more attention to personality to meet demand, the current consumer demand tends to individuation, the enterprise must produce products according to the target consumers to the same kind of product with the different needs of design and production . The emergence of network provides a new channel for market research . With the help of Internet, stationery manufacturers may at any time to know the needs of target customers all over the world and their views and special requirements of products , it is helpful for enterprise always grasp the demand of consumers, produce according to each customer's specific requirements and design, large enterprises and institutions may also developed the customized products.


In addition, the network marketing also can effectively help enterprises to achieve distribution , reduce inventory and solve many other problems. As life rhythm speeding up, consumers go out shopping less time, pressing for quick and convenient shopping mode and service. Network marketing can greatly improve the efficiency of shopping. By the network, consumers at home can get related products information, through comparison of the price and performance indexes, they can choose the products they want when stay at home . Especially in big city, office supplies procurement is a very time consuming job, the network shopping save time and effort for a variety of purchasing personnel. After selecting products, sales company assigned door-to-door delivery, The purchase convenience of user improve greatly.


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