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Hello color! the color of the LPS student stationery

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-07-03

Color is the link betweent the product and the people.The color is take 80% of the product feels in 20 seconds of beging.Color is all round with our life.Student manufacturers also awared the it is improtant to the stationery product.In the stationery sales,color also one of marketing.

In the present,the element of the popular stationery is changeable.In order to meed the consumer demand.Lepusheng stationery besides to seek the practicability of stationery.It no noly  take the stationery design and the appearance to consider.But also pay attention to the color market.Now,Let's see the product set of different color:


LPS 9717 creative stationery cool camera correction tape.

LPS 9717 creative stationery cool camera correction tape.The reality design with the blue/pink/white/orange color.Showing the camera lens and the make it looked so real.It just like the real camera and  reflect  the new consumption concept  of the people.(Click here to read more)


PS 8618 correction liquid with 14ML

LPS 8618 correction liquid with 14ML,Totoro shape correction fluid.Creative stationery design idea is from the of Japanses cartoonist,Hayao Miyazaki. Lovly desing with the colorful color.It is easy be found in the display table.(Click here to read more)


LPS 9751 Battledore correction tape for school.

LPS 9751 Battledore correction tape for school.Student stationery with 5mm*12m.Creative correction tape production accordance with the EN71 PART3 and ASTM F963.Blue and pink are the classic colorful in the LPS stationery .These color are showing the young of the student so that popular in market.(Click here to read more)

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