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Lepusheng stationery development with four concept

Writer:lps-sationerySource:www.lepusheng.com Date:2013-03-30

Face the challenge,the small and medium enterprise have a lot of development troubler.Some enterpirse turned the production base and gave up the exchange order to reduce the risk.But most of  small and medium enterprises could't move the manufacturing base as various factors.Under such circumstances,stationery manufacturer only to keep the innovation and transformation.
So,how and where to make the transformation for small and medium enterprise ?

Before the financial crisis,small and medium-sized enterprise have been into the trouble.And now under the gidance of "the 12th five-year plan",according to the " small and medium-sized enterprise growth project " which mentioned in the views.At the begining of "the 12th five-year plan",transformation is a good opportunity for small and medium-sized stationery brand,but it also the great pressure.Transformation is necessary or will be eliminate.

Lepusheng in the line of stationery manufacturing over 10 years,it provided a lot of different kinds of stationery products to customer.The transformation is urgent needs,under the such background,LPS taking the four development concept of "special, elaboration,especial and new".


Lepusheng stationery development with four concept

Speciall,it means the specialization:specialing in a line,specialing in a few proudcts ,specialing in the service  or specialing in expand the areas.Lepusheng company is a correction stationery manufactuere in the line of the China stationery industry.For more than ten years, Lepusheng has been dedicated to the R&D and production of correction tape,correction fluid.It is bring a bright color to the China correction proudcts.

Elaboration is the elaborate management:It means the superior proudcts or quality service,the keep improving work style.LPS always adhere to the 6S management with  "high standards, strict management".And all the work are strict according to the 6s management.That to showing the good company image.

Especial means the special or better:To catch the customer characteristics,and formed the own features such as the product features or service features and so on.Lepusheng stationery follows the popular trend of student stationery.And developed vaious kinds of correction tape and correction fluid such as light bulb correction tape,fruit correction liquid,badminton style correction products and other creative stationery product.And it all wlecome in the market.

New,it means the innovation:Including new design,new product,new styles,new packaging ,new image and so on.To meed the demand to customer.In recent years,LPS boasts of advanced professional stationery designer.To improve the correction stationery products through the innovation.

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